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Necklace "Earth"

Necklace "Earth"

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Materials used

  • Pendant: 100% solid wood (of choice)
  • Necklace: leather or 925 sterling silver
  • Treatment: natural oils for protection from environmental influences

You wanna know which materials we use and why we choose them?

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Our necklaces combine modern, minimalistic design with the natural colors of wood.
Due to wood being a product of nature, every piece is different to the other and therefore every one of our pendants is truly unique.

You can choose from a variety of woods, all different in color, tone and structure, as well as 3 different styles of necklaces. Whether you prefer it darker or lighter, more rustic or more elegant, striking or plain, there really is something for everyone and every style!

Additional Information

Every necklace comes in a beautiful, all black, gift box!

Every pendant fits with every necklace available on our site, so you can easily change necklace if you wish.

You can find changeable necklaces here.


All of our products are in stock at any time. After your have placed your order, we proceed with shipping as fast as possible.

  • Italy, Austria, Germany: 1-3 workdays
  • Europe: 2-5 workdays
  • International: 15-25 workdays

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This necklace is perfect for those looking for sustainable yet stylish jewlery and is the perfect way to show off your style!

The pendant has a unique globe design and is available in different high-quality woods.

These are natural products so each piece is truly unique.
Configure your style now and get your personal design piece.

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One Pendant - Multiple Styles

Changeable Necklace

Changeable Necklace

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We plant a tree for every product sold!

Give & Take

For every order we plant one tree by ourselves. Yes, you heard right. We want to be sure the trees actually get planted, so we take things into our own hands. Buying online, you will even be able to give your tree a name and get the excact coordinates, so you can see where your tree grows!

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