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Acqua - Water Carafe

Acqua - Water Carafe

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  • Sustainable Materials & Production
  • Made in Südtirol
  • Money-back guarantee

Materials used

  • Carafe: 100% Glas
  • Closure: handmade out of finest swiss pine wood
  • Treatment: no treatment - just wood

You wanna know which materials we use and why we choose them?

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Our ACQUA water carafe is designed to stand out and bring sustainable yet modern style to your home. Whether you place it on your dinner- or coffee table, it always adds a nice touch and, due to the swiss pine wood, a calming and relaxing scent.

Delivery includes

  • Gift Box made of natural materials
  • Carafe
  • Closure of Choice


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  • International: 15-25 workdays

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Water carafe Acqua is a high quality glass carafe that perfectly combines the simple design of the carafe with a unique closure of pine wood.

The closure provides a unique design and gives the water a calming aroma

Acqua is the perfect gift for everyone who wants to gift something stylish, yet useful.

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Give & Take

For every order we plant one tree by ourselves. Yes, you heard right. We want to be sure the trees actually get planted, so we take things into our own hands. Buying online, you will even be able to give your tree a name and get the excact coordinates, so you can see where your tree grows!

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