We believe that it is entirely possible to rely on sustainability, environmental awareness and fairness without having to forego quality and style.

That is why we have made it our mission to combine creativity, style and design with natural materials, sustainable production and fair conditions. The result ranges from the classic wooden bow tie to stylish accessories and exclusive custom-made products. We always try to adhere to our principles:





We firmly believe that the future belongs to these values ​​and do our best to come one step closer to the goal of a sustainable, fair world.


Give and take.

A principle that everyone should internalize. That's why we decided to plant a tree for every product sold. In this way, CO2 is taken from the air, oxygen is given and new, natural materials are created for a future generation.

Find out more about it on our social media channels and help us make the world a little better! #weplanttrees #giveandtake