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Bow Tie Classic

Bow Tie Classic

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    Materials used

    • Bowtie: 100% solid wood
    • Straps: handmade out of finest garments (cotton, wool or linen)
    • Treatment: natural oil for protection from environmental influences

    You wanna know which materials we use and why we choose them?

    Check out our materials page!


    Our "classic" bowties have a very realistic, classic bowtie design and therefore are suitable for both elegant and casual looks.

    Our "designo" bowties, on the other hand, feature a more modern, futuristic design. Ideal to stand out of the mass and give your outfit a modern touch.

    They are available in different woods and together with a collection of changeable straps, providing a variety of different looks. Whether you prefer lighter or darker tones, more rustic or more elegant woods, more striking or rather plain straps - there is the right combination for everyone. And because every piece of wood is different, every bowtie is truly unique!

    Delivery includes

    • Wooden bowtie (of choice)
    • Handmade strap made of finest garment (of choice)
    • Gift Box made of natural materials
    • Handmade wool traveling bag

    The straps of our bowties are easily changeable.

    Changeable straps are available here.


    All of our products are in stock at any time. After you have placed your order, we proceed with shipping as fast as possible.

    • Italy, Austria, Germany: 1-3 workdays
    • Europe: 2-5 workdays
    • International: 15-25 workdays

    For additional information check out our shipping and returns page!

    • Sustainable Materials & Production
    • Made in Südtirol
    • Money-back guarantee


    Crafted with care and precision using only natural and regrowing materials, this eye-catching accessory is sure to make a statement

    Whether you are attending a wedding, a business meeting or just a day at the office, this bowtie is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

    Show off your style and make a statement with this sustainable and stylish wooden bowtie!


    These are natural product, so each piece is truly unique! 

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    Changeable Straps

    Changeable Straps

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    We plant a tree for every product sold!

    Give & Take

    For every order we plant one tree by ourselves. Yes, you heard right. We want to be sure the trees actually get planted, so we take things into our own hands. Buying online, you will even be able to give your tree a name and get the excact coordinates, so you can see where your tree grows!

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